Mohammed Sawaf

Professional Photographer
President of Karbala Photography Club


Mohammed Sawaf

Born in 1985
‏A press photographer at the French Press Agency since 2006 and until today
‏Arbitrator in many local competitions
‏President of Karbala Photography Club

‏The most important personal achievements:
‏The Bronze Award in the UAE Photography Contest
‏# Bronze Award in UAE Photography Contest
‏# The Golden Award in Jordan Photography Competition
‏# Bronze Prize in the Club Competition of Bor / Serbia 2013
‏# Bronze Award at the Netherlands Film Contest 2013
# ‏Medal of Honor in the competition of Alexandria in the Arab Republic of Egypt 2014
‏# Gold Medal in the Axis Press Photo in America
‏# Bronze, silver and gold medals in Serbia 2014
‏# Honoraries in Croatia 2014
‏# Silver medals from the Federation of American Photographers and the Medal of Honor of the Union of World Photographers in Serbia 2014

-‏ worked as a photography director at the Union of Arab Photographers at the sponsor institute since 2013 and 2015
-‏ worked two sessions on the portrayal of crises, the first in the Fars news agency, Tehran, second in the Tehran news agency